Python Scripting for VEGAS Pro


VEGAS Pro allows the control of the application via scripting. PYTHON is an easy to learn powerful programming language that is more and more used for scripting of applications. In the 3D and video editing area some application use already PYTHON for scripting.

Goal of this VEGAS extension is to provide PYTHON scripting to VEGAS allowing to provide new features to the VEGAS users based on Python solutions.

The extension provides two options:

  • for users
    • new features like VEGASScenedetect
  • for developers
    • an interactive dockable VEGASPython Window
    • executing Scripts located in a specific folder and integrate them into the VEGAS User Interface like other C# Scripts

Download and Installation


Please find details for users on the following page: VEGASPython for Users

VEGASPython for Developers

Please find details for developers on the following page: VEGASPython for Developers

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