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 +====== AVID Media Composer ======
 +The AVID Mediacomposer [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Composer] supports a plugin interface called AVX2.
 +I have implemented following plugins for AVID Mediacomposer:
 +  * [[ClockDisplay AVX2]] The Clockdisplay adds an analogue, digital or LED clock . It can be used for Sports events, technical tests etc. where a display of the time is of interest.
 +{{:wiki:clock_effect_a1.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_a2.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_a3.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_a4.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_d1.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_d2.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_d3.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_f1.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_f2.jpg?direct&200|}} {{:wiki:clock_effect_f3.jpg?direct&200|}}

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