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Magix Video Pro X

Magix Video Pro X is a prosumer videoeditor from the German Company Magix: http://pro.magix.com/en/video-pro-x/overview.275.html

Magix Video Pro X supports a proprietary Pplugin Interface and the VirtualDub plugin interface.

An overview on the available VirtualDub Plugins can be found here: VirtualDub Plugin Liste

VirtualDub Plugins converted from 32-bit to 64-bit for Magix Video Pro X6, X7

Here is a list of 32-bit Plugins, that I converted to 64-bit (testet with Magix Video Pro X6 and X7):

(The plugins should work on Magix Video Deluxe 2015 too, not tested)

Filter Name Author Version Description Site Download URL 32-bit Download Url 64-bit Support Comment
Gradation Alexander Nagiller 1.0 Color correction using gradation curves http://members.chello.at/nagiller/vdub/readme.html gradation_x64.zip
Gradation Alexander Nagiller / Harold Linke1.1 Color correction using gradation curves http://members.chello.at/nagiller/vdub/readme.html gradation_x64_v1.1.zipError correction for LAB Mode

Remark on using LAB Mode: To improve the speed of the calculations in the LAB-mode the filter generates a huge internal support table. This process can take several minutes. When loading a Project that is using the Gradation filter in LAB mode this Support table will be create during the loading Phase of the Project. This may delay the loading of a Project significantly!

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