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Python Scripting for VEGAS Pro


VEGAS Pro allows the control of the application via scripting. Scripting provides access to the internal data structures in VEGAS projects that allows you to automate things that you might normally do via the GUI. VEGAS uses the .NET framework to provide its scripting interface. VEGAS can execute C#, JScript, and Visual Basic script files directly.

PYTHON is an easy to learn powerful programming language that is more and more used for scripting of applications. In the 3D and video editing area some application use already PYTHON for scripting.

Goal of this VEGAS extension is to provide an easy access to VEGAS scripting using PYTHON.

The extension provides two options:

  • an interactive dockable VEGASPython Window
  • executing Scripts located in a specific folder and integrate them into the VEGAS User Interface like other C# Scripts

Download and Installation


Usage description Page

How can you use VEGASPython and start writing VEGASPython scripts

Python Scripts

VEGASPython Tutorial

Vegas Python Tutorial

With this tutorial I would like to provide a beginner the know-how to write scripts using VEGASPython. This includes an introduction to Python progamminga dnthe main concepts of the VEGAS interface.

VEGASPython Scripting FAQ: (adaption of VEGAS scripting FAQ for VEGASPython) VEGASPython FAQ

VEGAS Scripting FAQ: direct link vegas_scripting_faq.zip

The FAQ describes the usage of VEGAS scriting for C#. The examples can be easily transfered to VEGASPython. An updated FAQ for VEGASPython will follow soon.

VEGAS Scripting API: direct link vegas_scripting_api.zip

The API describes the C# definition of all VEGAS structures and items that can be accessed. All these items can be accessed in the same way in VEGASPython.

Sony VEGAS SDK: direct link to Sony VEGAS Pro SDK

VEGAS Pro Tools for developers: VEGAS Tools for Developers

PYTHON documentation: PYTHON 2.7 documentation

PYTHON Tutorials: PYTHON 2.7 tutorial

IRONPython Website: ironpython.net

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