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 VEGASPython extends VEGAS with following functions: VEGASPython extends VEGAS with following functions:
-New functions only available with VEGASPython +New functions available with VEGASPython 
-  * VegasSceneDetect +  * [[en:vegasscenedetect|VegasSceneDetect]]
-  * Import_PinnacleStudio_SceneDetectFile+
-Simple functions to demonstrate the principle:+Simple functions to demonstrate the principle (these function are based on existing VEGAS scripts):
   * Add2SecondGap   * Add2SecondGap
   * AddMarkersAtInterval   * AddMarkersAtInterval
Zeile 13: Zeile 12:
   * AddRegionsToEvent   * AddRegionsToEvent
   * AddTransitionToSelectedEvents   * AddTransitionToSelectedEvents
-  * Audit_Event_Levels 
   * Chopoff_BeginandEndofEvent_PN   * Chopoff_BeginandEndofEvent_PN
-  * DeleteEmptySpaceBetweenEvents 
   * LimitSelectedEventLength   * LimitSelectedEventLength
   * LimitSelectedEventLengthto4Seconds   * LimitSelectedEventLengthto4Seconds
 +====== Download and Installation ======
 +[[en:vegas_python_download|VEGASPython Downloadpage]]
 ====== VEGASSceneDetect ====== ====== VEGASSceneDetect ======
Zeile 24: Zeile 24:
 Usage: Select clips in the mediapool or select clips on the timeline Usage: Select clips in the mediapool or select clips on the timeline
 Call the VEGAS Extension: VEGASScenedetect Call the VEGAS Extension: VEGASScenedetect
Zeile 29: Zeile 30:
 Pressing ESC when the preview window is active aborts the scenedetection process. Pressing ESC when the preview window is active aborts the scenedetection process.
-VEGASScenedetect is based on PyScenedetect by Brandon Castellano+Please find more details on the VEGAS SCENE DETECT page: [[en:vegasscenedetect|VEGAS Scene Detect]]
 +====== Additional VEGASPython Scripts ======
-====== Import_PinnacleStudio_SceneDetectFile: ====== 
-Imports a Pinnacle Studio Scene Detection File that was create by Pinnacle Studio for a clip. +additional and updated versions of VEGASPython Scripts can be found here: [[en:vegas_python_scripts|VEGASPython Scripts]]
-The file must have the same name as the clip and has to be located in the same directory. The only difference is the extension .scn.xml for the scene detection file. +
-When importing, VEGAS automatically adds the clips and all its scenes as subclips to the media pool.+
-The commands can be found in VEGAS under the menu point: Extra / Extensions 
 +or on GitHub: https://github.com/haroldlinke/VEGASPython_Scripts

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