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 ===== Usage  ===== ===== Usage  =====
 +  - add the clip to be stabilised on track A
 +  - add the same clip on track B that is above Track A at the same position
 +  - add the Bezier Effect to the clip on track A
 +  - set scale for the PIP to 1.0 so that the PIP clip covers the complete screen
 +  - add the PIP effect to the clip on track B
 +  - set the timeline cursor to the start of the clips (or to the reference frame)
 +  - execute the motion tracking as it is described in the VEGAS manual
 +  - select both clips (the timeline cursor has to remain on the first frame or the reference frame)
 +  - copy the motion tracking results to the PIP using the script/​extension "Copy motion track tio PIP"
 +  - do not change anything
 +  - execute the script "​invert_copy_motion_track_to_pip_values"​
-VegasSceneDetect ​is a VEGAS extension and can be found under Tools -> Extensions ​-> VegasSceneDetectSee image below (in German)+The clip on track B is now stabilized at the tracked object. 
 +If you want to get rid of the moving border you have two options: 
 +  ​change the scale of the pip (e.g. to 1.2) in this case you have to copy the tracking values again as they have to take into account the scaleAnd you have to execute the invert again. 
 +  - add the reference frame below track B. The reference frames covers all borders that are missing on the moving frames.
-VEGASScenedetect has to working options: 
-  - create sub clips in the mediapool 
-  - cut a clip on the timeline 

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