VEGASPython Tutorial

With this tutorial I would like to provide a beginner the know-how to write scripts using VEGASPython. This includes an introduction to Python progamminga dnthe main concepts of the VEGAS interface.

I plan to create this Tutorial step by step.

If you have any question or would like to know more about a topic, please open a topic in the VEGAS forum.

VEGASPython Scripting FAQ: (adaption of VEGAS scripting FAQ for VEGASPython) VEGASPython FAQ

VEGAS Scripting FAQ: direct link

The FAQ describes the usage of VEGAS scripting for C#. The examples can be easily transfered to VEGASPython. An updated FAQ for VEGASPython will follow soon.

VEGAS Scripting API: direct link

The API describes the C# definition of all VEGAS structures and items that can be accessed. All these items can be accessed in the same way in VEGASPython.

Sony VEGAS SDK: direct link to Sony VEGAS Pro SDK

VEGAS Pro Tools for developers: VEGAS Tools for Developers

PYTHON documentation: PYTHON 2.7 documentation

PYTHON Tutorials: PYTHON 2.7 tutorial

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